“ Its more than 10 years, I have been associated with Dr. Surekha madam.

It’s bliss to be her student since then, there are many instances of success stories in my  life because of madam’s reiki graces. Her calmness in listening & understanding the problem, giving enough time to discuss with her students is very much appreciated & makes us understand what we are, how can we resolve issue through reiki.

Many of my personal issues were resolved starting from health, job, etc even my niece health issue was resolved through Dr. Surekha madam.

Overall I recommend anyone whoever reads my testimony to learn reiki from Dr.Surekha madam centre & start understanding about yourselves, enjoying life & smile always !”

Anand Beedinal


Detriot, USA.


Hi, hope you are doing great. Good! Thank you, I am begin too...

 It’s me to start with - For me life was always 💯%perfection, straight, cutthroat, arrogant least respect to other being who were not much evolved. Reason being self-centered, egoistic state of mind, judgmental on beings, even before getting to know as person and comparison. At some point even got unwanted attention as well, you will get me right as you go down the lines of ma experience...

With this attitude- Life wasn’t easy! Everything took toll on me, it started suffocating...  slowly even near ones and dear ones distanced themselves with me! 

Of course as I always looked for 100% perfection and also l never stood in anyone's shoes to know what they go through cos I imposed myself on them and compared as to why they can’t get things up and running. Any mismatch always took me to end my life. Any voice raised on me were cursed. So altogether I never accepted my life as it was... In amidst of all I got married, life turned out even worst... my final call was to end my life.

  Between I will also call out I knew most of things that happened with me was off my control, knowingly - unknowingly I was victim for some energies... I always sensed some weird strange energies surrounded and haunted, which at times possessed me for some physiological abuse which left me with rashes and marks and yeah this was evident on few days in a month. I did had lucid dreaming, which always wanted me to put my life to an end. Deep down I wanted to survive as the law of nature. However, like everyone told there is a good day and there are beings to help us. Yes, I was blessed right, I happened to hear about a beautiful soul named Dr.Surekha Ma'am.

 I get to meet ma master - Hope of ray Hope of life. I mean ever word, and I clearly know what I am calling out! Who transformed me from all the negative state of mind and denial to truth to meaningful, joyful and blissful, acceptance.

But again this process was not an easy go, nothing changed overnight. It took good 5yrs to move on and move out. It was cos my egoistic mind and again denial state. Though Reiki was helping me but my ego would always take its first place. Which not only made me heavy cribbing and quite a more suffering along with making things more complex. And in this whole process she always stood by me until she saw a ray of new light and new being. 

She regularly checked my ego which were in Bundles and was cut straight in classes and over the conversations. Which took a toll on me and put me in a state to distance from her! But again I knew distancing from here would be disconnecting with divine journey. However divine energy put me back on the path, I was blessed. Knowing these please never take such call because its kind off disturbing whole design which we are not entitled for! And even as a master she need not have to help me... but knowing me she always corrected and helped me move on. It was cos of her unconditional love and care brought me out of it, and started accepting the life.

Now touch wood healing had and has helped me cut all negative embodiments around me. Feels much safe light being loved and taken care too!

I am sure most you are in ma state of life or may not, trust me a girl with all these holdings could evolve out of it at 1/3rd of her life. Then sure if you are much younger/ in better place will definitely help you and reach your destine. I have kept it crisp and clear. So that I could include all, so if each one of it could touch one soul my purpose of writing and unlocking ma status will serve the purpose of my life and transformation.

You should definitely meet ma Master/Guru who is filled with bliss like any New born to toddler. Unconditional love like Mommies, who will stand by you for all your good best owes like a father. A complete set of package from single soul.

My life always dedicated and thankful for my Master. No words are enough to express until you happen to meet her and experience it. Like always said experience cannot be explained.

I thank all the souls who helped me in the process of self-realization 🙏 and Thank you ma'am.





I have not had experience with Reiki prior to my concealing with Dr Surekha Madam. Before going for concealing I was feeling physically tired and mentally drained. I was emotionally traumatized.

I reached her for Emotional trauma relief and for inner peace.

Since I had never experienced Reiki before visiting Dr Surekha. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Within minutes, I felt ease and a deep connection with her work. She was patient and thorough in explaining to me what Reiki was and how she was going to use it to help me specifically. At first, it was much like stepping away from a deep meditation session – later peaceful noticeable vibrational shift happened inside me. But after several days of meditation sessions when I really started to notice the work she’d done. The issue that had be haunting me on and off for several years was simply “gone”. Even though I have still thought about it, Madam helped me remove the anxiety that had been surrounding it for so long. I was able to communicate without crying and becoming angry. The scorched, depressing and heavy feelings I had been having in my chest had dissipated.

I’m very appreciative of the gift of health that I’ve received with Dr Surekha Madam help, She is professional and gifted soul. I encourage anyone who feels they’ve hit the end of their road to reach out to her.

Thank you





Reiki healing energy came into my and my family's lives at the right time to heal us all, I was blessed with the opportunity to be attuned by Dr. Surekha ma'am for Reiki level 1, Karuna Reiki , Rajakriya Reiki and Angles therapy. Dr.Surekha ma'am is a true visionary, dedicated to heal and contribute to the world through her gifts. I am so grateful to have Reiki energy flow into my life and since Reiki classes my spiritual journey has just been growing, faith getting stronger, universe unfolding itself to guide me on the right path, I feel a devine protection and connection no matter what situation I am in. Thank You Surekha ma'am for walking into our lives, we are humbled and grateful to be a channel for Reiki energy to flow through us. Thank You.


“Reiki” as a way of meditation, spiritual practice, healing technique and a journey has to be experienced first hand to realize the beauty, miracle and true benefits of it. It is very important that you learn and get the Reiki Attunements done from the right teacher/practitioner. It has been a wonderful experience for me learning Reiki from Dr.Surekha madam for I have become more of a composed, stable person than ever. Reiki has helped me a lot in becoming a compassionate person than being judgemental. As an experience, Reiki to me was Miraculous, Soothing, Peaceful and out of the world. I am grateful to the universe and the cosmos to have put me in touch with the right channel and a great teacher/practitioner.

All I want to say is,  “DO IT” to experience it.


The universe brought Surekha madam into my life when I needed her and I’ve been grateful ever since. From my first reiki session with madam I’ve been able to dig down into the layers of my life and align myself with my true intentions. Her guidance and knowledge has kept me honest to myself and I’ve consistently moved forward in areas of my life that I’ve focused and worked on with her. Each session with madam was upon and I’ve never felt better in years. Each session with madam is straight and to the point. She truly wants to help people help themselves to overcome blocks, negative thoughts, fears, challenges and so on. She has a unique way of explaining present situations so anyone can easily understand where she’s coming from – then it’s up to us to take her advice, be thankful and overcome and move forward. Thank you madam

One has to experience Reiki to know what it is, no words can describe the different emotions that one goes through during the 21days of healing period, in my case from the time of attunement its been wonderful. Much before joining Reiki I was completely scattered, depressed, emotionally week, had issues in my married life. I thank Kavitha who introduced me to Reiki and Ratna for guiding me to the right Guru Dr Surekha ma'am.

After meeting ma'am and getting counselled things started to fall in place. I am at much peace now and happy with my family, so far my journey with Reiki has been only 10months and I can seen the changes happening within and around me.

I am thankful to Surekha ma'am and each & everyone who has been part of this journey. And special thanks to my son for all his support.

Ashwini Thalluri


Yelahanka, Bangalore.


Post learning reiki- I stopped worrying too much about things, I realized that I don't own all the problem's in the world. I made peace with myself, I could experience increase in my energy levels enabling me to multitask without feeling tired & without complianing.
I used to neglect myself a lot and complain about the drawbacks in me, but now i have started loving myself. Creativity & trust in Divine energy has improved.

I came to know about Reiki and Surekha through one of my cousin who had got attunement from her. I was desperate to deal with my stress and anxiety problems. Surekha agreed to give me distant attunement. I was stationed at New York and she at Bangalore. She gave me attunement on April 2013. Words cannot express the sheer bliss I experienced during the attunement. Ever since I am able to keep my stress and anxiety under control and I do look at things positively. Reiki and surekha sure did bring a positive change in my life!

Uma Ramesh




Reiki has given courage to face the hurdles of life, it has given me peace of mind, have understood the reasons of hurdles through karmasidhantha, I have faith in life and have positive attitude towards life now, it has improved my communication skills and could come out of physical and mental pains.

Chandrika Kulkarni


Banashankari, Bengaluru

ramya 1

First of all I thank my Guru Mrs.Sureka who taught me this wonderful holistic healing "Reiki"!Also I thank my dear friend Megha and my son who motivated me to learn this art.After learning Reiki, my approach towards the life got changed drastically!I started realizing how beautiful it is. I could see a lot of improvements in the health aspects of my son.Reiki helped me to change my attitude, improve my confidence level and to over come all negative emotions.
I started Reiki in March 2012, since then it's been a wonderful journey every day! It's a lifetime blessing to learn Reiki!





I just wanted to Thanks from bottom of my heart to Dr.Surekha for enlightening me to a great experience… 'Over the years Reiki has helped me and my family tremendously to get rid of all sorts of issues! I would like to narrate 02 of those:
It was my son's genetic disorder called Downsyndrome(which was since his birth) with which he was unable to perform daily routine like any other normal child which got cured through help of reiki post which he is now normal like anyother child of his age and is enrolled in regular school.
I was admitted to Hospital for kidney stone problem ( 10 + 6 mm each on my Left side ), post taking healing prior to operation felt that stone has come out, later on when Scan was done, the report confirmed that both the stones have come out through urine.

Manjunath & Megha


HSR Layout, Bengaluru


Post reiki, The relationship with my wife is more meaningful and practical as compared to authoritative life i had earlier, The relationship with my son went through a phenominal change as compared to earlier, where my son would hardly come near me and speak.
I could realize the depth of ""I""(ego) in me, which over a period of time, started melting with regular practising resulting in more heartly connectivity with fellow human being/others.Through reiki and regular mentoring of Dr Surekha madam, iam able to do what I want to do, coming out of sterotype way of life.
Through reiki i could understand that thought decides healthy state of the body, so when i fix my thought pattern, there is no question of illness, Thanks universe, Dr Surekha Madam for giving me this knowledge



Banaswadi, Bengaluru


We would describe Reiki experience as life changing to our life has improved so much more in dealing with worries and stress. It was wonderful giving and receiving healing energy and it was amazed how we feel after each session we feel so much lighter and it changes you as a person you are never the same again. We are learning so much about our self Reiki has changed the way we deal with negative situations and people in our life. During our sessions with our Reiki teacher we have experienced many sensations of stress reduction after each session we feel “lighter” more centred with our self and stronger to tackle life’s upcoming situations. We also feel energized and very informative in very sessions.
We would like to thank our Reiki teacher for introducing to the spiritual world. Spread the love, heal the world with REIKI!!!

Raghavendra & Vinutha


Koramangala, Bengaluru


I am able to respect my soul, by practising reiki iam able to lead a peaceful life, also in my family life I could see lot of miracles, I could sell my Land-site, which I was unable to sell for many years also my Son could get a very apt Job he was looking for. i was able to inclne towards my religious activity giving me more peace and satisifaction.

There are lot many benefits I could get from reiki, for a very long time my marriage proposals could not get settled which post reiki got settled.




I was having continous headache, had family distress and a very distrubed financial status, post reiki could fix these problems, thanks to reiki and Dr Surekha

Before learning reiki, I was not having peace of mind, not clear what to do, had thyroid problem, Cholestrol Problem and was very short tempered, also had nail biting problem
Post learning reiki, iam able to take head-on on the problems in life, could heal my thyroid, cholestrol, short temperedness & nail biting problem.
I would like to sincerely thank Dr Surekha for making me a Reiki Channel

Before coming to reiki I had lot of failures at every stage of my life, finacial impact, which led to depression & inferiority complex and was feeling very dull and was struggling to come out.
Post learning Reiki- Iam able to be more engaged with my daily routine, be more brisk and successfully able to come out of my depression & inferiority complex, excellent turnaround in financial position. Thanks to Dr Surekha for teaching my reiki

Before coming to reiki I was feeling very uncomfortable/lazy unable to do my daily routine or do my basic duty, was getting irritated even for very minor issues, many times felt should I Live, didn't had any urge to live, had sleepless nights
Post learning Reiki, i felt very healthy, have invibed patience, feel very energetic, have peaceful sleep and more importantly feel peace within me.

R. Vani & S. Murthy




I was going through a difficult time on many levels and Surekha Madam was terrific in sharing a variety of methods like Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Rajakriya Reiki and Angel Therapy healing to get my energy moving calmly and smoothly. It is amazing how powerful this work is. She is a very caring healer and trainer, who really helps relax, remain calm and become focused on the good things in your life and solutions to your current issues. Her office space is a very healing space just to be in. I would recommend anyone who feels a bit run-down, tired or stressed out to take a session with Surekha Madam, and I am sure you will feel the difference in your lower stress level right away.

Biju Balakrishnan



It is a very amazing feeling,  and positively changing my life day by day.   My husband  had ear pain, and the doctor told him he had a loss of 80% hearing power.  I had a strong belief that he would get his hearing power back, I prayed daily and now he has achieved normal hearing power. This was my experience.


I am very happy to share my experience of reiki. After getting into this knowledge I became so strong in everything, I got good friends, a positive atmosphere, a good husband, professional growth, personal growth and even many great people’s contact. Whatever I can tell, but experience is experience.

pushpa (2)

I started to attend reiki classes and started meditation daily, I came across many changes in my life. I had problems at work. I was not satisfied with any of the jobs. Once I started attending Reiki classes, I got my dream job. I never expected that I would get that job. I had a dream of becoming a teacher and within 21 days of Reiki class I got opportunity to work as a teacher. That is  just a miracle in my life and I was really very happy. Reiki brought many positive vibes and changes to my life. I feel blessed everyday. I really thankful to Dr. Surekha madam for guiding us to connect to the spiritual world.


It has been a great privilege for me and my family to learn and practice Reiki. When I first attended the sessions my sole objective was to solve my son’s health problems. As expected, with his health he has shown phenomenal improvement and not only that has happened, but also I personally have experienced mental and physical gains. It helps me to keep my mind balanced and also improves focus in whatever I do. I offer my gratitude to all the people at the reiki centre who have helped me achieve this.


After being counselled by Dr Surekha madam there was a drastic change in my life. Since I was a victim of an entity in my physical and etheric body I was wandering without any clue where to go. At this time as destined I met my guru Dr Surekha madam who gave me certain remedies after being heard by me (after scanning me) which I followed and applied in my daily life and started finding a great change in myself and in my life too. I have taken Karuna Reiki, Crystal therapy class by Mam. I am leading a normal and happy life now and my heartfelt thanks to my guru Dr Surekha madam for guiding me.(and making me a person that I am today)


I was introduced to reiki by a neighbor Anupama while talking casually I was not aware anything about reiki I had seen in daily news paper about classes being conducted, attended my first reiki class in oct-2016 was excited and eager to know what it is after reiki first level I was following as per guidance given by our reiki teacher like a disciplined soldier the vibration in my body was too strong initially it was a feeling which I had not experienced previously in my life of course I was a devotional person regularly I was doing my prayers used to practice pranayama and meditation regularly maybe from 8 to 10 years I had some peace of mind but not that effective as now after my self healing practice. Before attending my reiki classes I was thinking of things out of earth I used to like gazing at the vast atmosphere at dusk just think of the vast universe now after my reiki classes and self healing practice I crave for a experience to be amidst the universal powers After completion of level I , II, III I was into regular self healing practice my thought process changed slowly which I was aware somewhat like a scattered thing coming together , I was getting control of my speech and thought process which was not systematic , I was confused, anger , frustration on things not happening according to my thoughts because of circumstances being a hurdle after my regular self healing practice lot of changes happened I was confident , Positive in approach , active physically and mentally ,my contention now is things will happen it's just a matter of time , I do not like to miss my regular practice I feel like somewhat lost without my practice Overall it is a boon for a person to experience the effects and to be in its aura I don’t know maybe a dedicated and disciplined lifestyle with the five basic principles of reiki followed to core the effects will be too good but in this day to day life it is hard I think, all experience stated is my personal opinion .


Regards to my neighbouring Anupama and Dr.Surekha madam


"It's said that God's timing is perfect and nothing comes into our life without the providence of the Universe itself. This experience of Reiki with Adamya Reiki Centre and under the able guidance of Reiki Master Dr Surekha, has been a life changing one. My wife Preethi and I are truly blessed after having taken the 3 courses of Reiki Level 1, Angels and Devas Therapy and Rajakriya Level 1. The sense of fear and anxiety has vanished from our life. We have understood the true purpose of this life and have got a divine connection with the supreme energy. We are grateful for having found a path to the spiritual progress and the healing towards most aspects of life."

Preethi & Amit Shanbhag -


Jayanagar, Bengaluru

"Initially it was only a curiosity to learn Reiki, but now that I have learnt and experiencing the benefits, my day starts with a healing touch. I feel happier, peaceful, confident and positive every single day. My energy levels are high all through the day. The benefits of Reiki is amazing and has ripple effects in my family and surroundings. I consider myself fortunate and blessed and I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you for imparting this knowledge and experience. Thank you."

Reshma P