Rajakriya reiki is not different from usui reiki, but an advanced form, which is designed by Shri Shivayogi G.Madhan bhavi, It is a powerful meditative technique that operates at a higher frequency.

Some of the key learning’s of Rajakriya Reiki are:
  • It is a multidimensional healing tool and activates multiple existences.
  • This technique is so unique that without the Practitioner/subject being hypnotized the Sanchita Karma and Prarabdha karma will be effortlessly burnt.
  • Practitioner should have learnt and practiced Usui Reiki for 21 days before he/she attempts to learn Rajakriya reiki.
  • Through Rajakriya diksha method, there is connectivity that gets established with Lord Ganesh, Agni, Sapta Rishi, Lord Toth, Central Sun, and White Brotherhoods- Consciousness, whose grace would be for life time on the practitioner.
  • Once activated post Rajakriya diksha, the rays that comes from Central sun not only burns our karma but also helps in our day to day life.
  • Through Rajakriya reiki not only we burn our karma through this technique, but also it helps in avoiding/coming out of possible accidents, obstacles in life, sadness, worries and enables in having a well protected and beautiful life.
  • We can also heal Vastu defects.