PyraVastu is a powerful science of creating balance and harmony by core level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and the laws of the universe. Here we utilize our own hidden capabilities to achieve a better tomorrow.

Types of Pyramids:

ProMax: Pyramid Yantra

This pyramid consists of powerful Gold-laminated yantras and 81 precious crystals with 9 Level Energy Grid.
There are multiple benefits of Promax Pyramid:
Placing the promax pyramid in brahmasthan, will ensure obstacle free construction till completion and ensures it keeps all types of negative energy at bay. Most importantly it fixes all kinds of Vastu issues. Also it helps to improve financial status and helps to improve luck in business & all transactions.

Vastu Sleep

It works on 9 planet and 81- vastu grid principle. Sleep is very essential part for a human being, vastu sleep helps to have sound sleep. In our subconscious mind it enables us to envision having sound health, finance, harmonious relationship in all transactions.

Pyra Fire

It consists of 3 layers with 8 Gold Pyramids and 1 copper chamber.
It purifies atmosphere and cleanses negative energy and works as wish amplifier.


Energy 9×9 Plate

It is enriched with pyra grid 6561 pyramids and lotus yantra at the centre. It helps to improve positive energy, also helps during meditation, increasing flow of positive energy. It can also be used beneath refrigerator and water filter which gets enriched with positive energy.

Marriage pyramid

It helps in finding a suitable alliance removing all obstacles, and also ensures quicker marriage settlement.


Car & Bike Protector

It is made of Four directional interacting gold triangles on the top (Outer cover). It also consists of 8 pre-programmed copper and 1 gold pyramid chip. It helps to protect and make best use of the vehicle.

Education Pyramid

This education tower comes with triple pyramid effect and a special copper education yantra, which helps a student in focusing more on studies and realizing deeper knowledge.


Swastik 700 gold & Swastik-gold

It is made of 75 pyramids, 17 Red swastik pyramid grid & a gold energy radiator at the bottom. The use of this brings prosperity, success & quick development at home & workplace.

Antahkarana Pyramid

Above pyramid plate, Antahkarana is placed which helps in healing cancer, sugar and BP, it has to be placed beneath the mattress to get the benefits.


Wish Pyramid

In this pyramid, In this pyramid, Wish accomplishment yantra is placed, since it is a combination of pyramid and yantra, it helps to expedite to fulfill our desires.