Karuna Reiki

Karuna reiki is an evolved form of usui reiki, Karuna is a Sanskrit word, which means “Being Compassionate”. In international centre for reiki training (ICRT), there were multiple Reiki masters (Marcy Miller, Kellie- Ray Marine, Catherine Mills-Belamount, Marla / Abraham and Pat Courtney) teaching at this centre, while working here, they acquired multiple symbols and their usage knowledge.

Like Dr Mikao usei, William lee rand too meditated and attained special experience, during this time, the symbols collated in the ICRT, were compiled and took a new form. In the early stage William lee rand could not make initial breakthrough or didn’t get sufficient support and had faced multiple issues in the form of acceptance and post getting breakthrough (Karuna Reiki), he put to rest all the speculations around him.

Karuna Reiki is a medium through which we get continuous flow of compassionate universal energy.

Through Karuna reiki healing happens at two levels- body and mental, and works at eternal level, it removes the blockage at cellular level and heals old patterns, apart from aligning the chakras, it connects higher self and lower self, because of which it enables us to connect to universal consciousness.

In Karuna reiki there are 9 symbols used, each of the symbols are special and has profound effect on our daily life.


Names and summary of Karuna reiki symbols

LevelsSymbol NameHealing Issues of
Level 1ZonarPast life issues, child abuse, cellular healing.
HaluUnconscious patterns, shadow self, abuse issues, psychological or psychic “attack”.
HarthRelationships, addictive behavior, develop healthy habits, develop universal compassion.
RamaHarmonizes chakras, focus lower chakras, goals, manifestation, grounding, sealing session, clearing objects, rooms and property.
Level 2OMPurifies, protects, seals and stabilizes the Aura. It opens the crown and if drawn above ones head, opens a pathway to God and higher consciousness.
GnosaAligning with higher self, learning, communication, creativity, motor skills.
KriyaGrounding, manifestation, priorities, healing humanity.
I-a-vaPersonal divine power, reality awareness, empower goals, heal the earth.
ShantiCreate peace, trust in life, insomnia, fear, panic, clairvoyance.