Crystal is naturally formed stone, which constitutes of multiple minerals, more the density of the crystal better would be the quality. During lemorean, Atlantis & Mayan civilization, many of them had intense knowledge on crystals and also have evidences to prove of their intense use by them. Though we are in the modern world, we still do not have the knowledge that was possessed by the people who lived in earlier civilization, In our aura, blocks are created due to anger, worry, fear and other related feelings because of which energy does not flow through the entire body resulting in physical and mental diseases, disorders and other problems. These listed problems can be healed through Crystals.

Crystals are available in different size and shape in its natural form, bigger the crystal better is its impact. Crystals are shaped into the following: Pencil, pyramid, massager, healing wand, clusters, etc. Using crystals is easy, but we need to be cautious about cleansing the crystal, it can be cleansed in one of the various ways as listed below:
  • Reiki Practitioner can cleanse through Reiki Symbols.
  • By immersing in salt water.
  • By using dhoop
  • By burying inside soil.
  • By placing it in Moon rays.


Variety’s of crystals

Every crystal has its own healing properties, few of the crystal’s name and its healing properties are listed below:


Clear Quartz

This is a powerful crystal which can be generally used for any disease/disorder. It has impact on all major 7 chakras, also its use has been found to have profound effect at physical and mental level, and it is also used for accomplishing self desires and enhances a person’s clairvoyance.

Rose Quartz

It helps in activating Heart Chakra, also helps in curing heart problem, helps in harmonizing family life, enabling in establishing a peaceful life both personally/professionally

Black Tourmaline

It is a powerful crystal, which helps in removing negative energy from our body. It also protects from Evil eye/black magic/negative energy. it encourages positive attitudes, good luck and happiness, regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in..

Black Agate

This cleanses our aura, improves determination, like black tourmaline, this helps in protecting from Evil eye/black magic/negative energy. It helps in growth of crops.


This can be used for all calcium deficiency problems, like: paralysis, nerve weakness, etc.


It represents both courage and strength and is used for achieving these attributes. This helps in healing blood & heart related problems like BP, Sugar, heart related diseases, Kidney problems, psoriasis, cough & phlegm, etc, most importantly it helps cancer patients. It helps to heal past life karma’s.


It is useful for people in any of their chosen field to be successful. It helps to heal blocks at conscious and sub-conscious levels. It helps in achieving peace, patience, tolerance, self confidence, harmonious relationship.

Cats Eye

Cat’s Eye acts to stimulate intuition and to enhance awareness. It is a grounding stone that provides a very effective – “protective energy”. Cat’s Eye dispels unwanted energy from the aura and helps balance the aura. It amplifies good luck and fortune. Cat’s Eye treats eye disorders and improves night vision. It relieves headaches, facial and sciatic pain. Cat’s Eye aids the nervous system and associated pains. Also helps in improving financial position & share trading.


This helps in Aura cleansing, also helps in healing heart problems and stomach related ailments, eg: kidney, liver, spleen, pancreas, gastritis, etc.


Red Jasper

It helps in balancing the root chakra and helps in balancing positive and negative energies. Improves beauty & displays an attractive personality.


Malachite relieves cold sweats, malaria, trembling and Parkinson’s disease, and helps relieve asthma, intestinal problems and rheumatic pain. It is a diuretic stone and can help cure kidney and gallstones. It fights osteoarthritis, most notably in the spine, and strengthens memory. Protects from accidents that might occur in future, promotes good sleep, and improves financial status.


This crystal symbolizes feminine energy, It helps to heal female’s health related issues eg: Period problem, childless problem, Uterus problem. The wearer is protected during his/her Sea Travel/Travel on water.


Tiger Eye

This crystal symbolizes male energy; Tiger Eye’s primary mystical property is that it provides mental focus and confidence. It helps to improve male potency and removes impotency and helps improves braveness.


This crystal helps in balancing emotional stress, heals suppressed anger, and develops memory and concentration power, balances left and right brain. Improves mental peace.


Similar to Garnet, It helps in improving memory power, concentration power, and mental peace. It is very beneficial for students.


Lapis lazuli

It helps to quickly release stress, bringing deep peace, harmony and deep inner self knowledge. Heals ENT related problems, improves clairvoyance and removes arrogance.


It helps to activate Crown chakra, in life it helps to bring in peace, eliminates depression, helps in recovery from kidney, bladder infection, and improves blood circulation.


It sharpens brain, it helps in providing energy to heart chakra and also helps in quick recovery post heart operation and also helps in healing heart related problems.



Helps to accomplish our goals and helps to improve in holistic line and helps in improving friendship.


It radiates love, peace, induces a deeply meditative state, facilitates angelic contact, and helps heal past life relationship problems. Helps heal pain from arthritis.


It helps to overcome stress, worries, sadness, depression, throat related problem, joint pains, arthritis.


Smoky Quartz

It helps to energize the place It helps in meditation, and relieves headache and nervous related issues.


It helps to heal emotional blocks It helps to heal electromagnetic pollution


It helps in meditating and while giving diksha, wherein it helps to connect with higher energy.