Angels & Devas

The word “Angel” is a Greek word, which means messenger of God, Angels are referred in Hinduism as Gandharvas. They are ones with “Shooksuma Shareera(Subtle Body)” not “Sthoola shareera (Astral Body)”.

They are created by Universe in Shukshma Loka (Subtle World), they are not part of any Religion or caste, before this world could have been created, universe created these Angels, they appear before the worshipper and fulfill their wish, as a messenger of universe, and they play an important role in delivering love and guidance of universe.

The intent of universe is to ensure peace, harmony & happiness, which it accomplishes through Angels & Devas. When we pray to angels and devas, they reciprocate by blessing us in the form of rays and lights.

There are 3 stages in which angels are present.

Stage 1:
  • Seraphim
  • Cherubim
  • Thrones


Stage 2:
  • Dominions
  • Virtues
  • Powers


Stage 3:

  • Principalities
  • Arch Angel
  • Guardian Angel


There would be a minimum of 2 Guardian angels with every individual. Angels who are closer to our frequency include guardian angels and arch angels, blessings of guardian angels and arch angels helps an individual to have harmonious life.

There are 15 most important Arch angels identified,

each of the arch angel helps us to achieve specific results, below is a quick summary of the Arch angles and their support:


This pyramid consists of powerful Gold-laminated yantras and 81 precious crystals with 9 Level Energy Grid.

For Courage and bravery, cure from Black Magic, it helps to remember purpose of life and helps accomplish the same.


For kids education, holistic knowledge & heals any health issue.


For Cleanliness, beauty, artistic, clearing pollution


For Emotional healing, forgiveness issue & helps in holistic line.


For Satsang, Shanti, during presentation, speech, improves Friendship.


New Job, New Friendship, New partnership, Life partner, Relationship issues.


Writing, Teachers, Journalists, child Adoption, kids medical problem.


Music, prayer & confusion in holistic line.


Relationship issues, fixing dominating issues.


Healing, Protection, Journey, Prevailing Justice.


Astrology, Vastu, Healing education, Rebirth.


Education, critical situation.


Education, Memory Power.


Nature and protection of animal.


Easy clearance of Passage.