What is Reiki ?.. Answer to which is not easy, still we can attempt to answer in few words.. In our common understanding, Reiki means Universal life force energy. ‘Rei’ – means “Universe”, ‘Ki’ means “life force energy”.

Reiki is a Japanese word. It does not belong to any language, Country, Religion & caste, to make it simpler Reiki is a healing touch therapy. Now across the globe, Reiki is accepted as life force energy.

Every living being coming out from the mother’s womb connects naturally to universal life force energy.

Human being is connected to universal life force energy through crown chakra, through this medium there is continuous flow of positive energy, this medium acts as a pipe between universe and person’s crown chakra due to which persons physical and mental being is balanced and taken care. Due to human’s fear, anger, worry and other negative feelings from childhood, it creates blockage’s, disturbing the flow of universal life force energy in this pipe due to which it cuts the flow of positive energy into parts of the body resulting in diseases in his/her body.

There is a process in Reiki called Diksha through which we clear the blocks of all negativity, enabling free flow of universal life force energy thus balancing all the chakras of the Practitioner. After which the Practitioner is healthy physically and mentally.

Positive energy waves flow’s from universe into entire body, but maximum energy flows into both the palms through crown, third eye, throat & heart chakra, due to which when we are not well / emotionally distressed, when someone touches with his/her palms it gives a soothing feeling.

With this energy flow through palm’s we can heal ourselves as well as others.


Reiki was first found in Atharva Veda, it was practiced by Tibetan monks, which was then taught to their followers, and Dr Mikao usei ensured Reiki knowledge reaches common man for the first time.

In mid 19th century, Dr Mikao usei was head of Quito University in Japan. Once when he was delivering a lecture to his students, one of his students raised question on touch therapy questioning Dr Mikao usei to dwell deep into this study.

In this search for quest on touch therapy knowledge, he travelled to United States of America, he then continuously spent 7 years researching in religious paths and books on Hindu, Buddha & Jain dharma.

Similarly other dharma’s were researched, in this search, his attention got attracted towards Lotus chapter of BUDDA Dharma, in which he got few information about healing therapy, for this reason he learnt Chinese and Sanskrit to dwell deep into knowledge related to healing therapy.

He returned to Japan and visited Zen centre, there he spent several years with monks learning Lotus sutra chapter along with this he also learnt and practiced meditation along with monks. To practice the acquired knowledge, Dr Mikao usei visited Mount Kuriyama and meditated for 21 days. On the 21st day, he realized his healing powers.

Post which for 5 years he did public service at beggar’s colony, but didn’t see anyone with gratitude towards the services he rendered.

He moved to different place where he stared giving diksha and healing to others, in this journey of lineage he found one of his student Chujiro Hayashi, where chujiro learnt Reiki and taught Mrs Hawai Takata who learnt Reiki and created 22 Reiki masters post which she moved to US to spread Reiki, through this 22 Reiki masters, Reiki spread across the globe.

Reiki Has Five Principles

  • Just for today, I will let go of anger.
  • Just for today, I will let go of worry.
  • Today, I will count my many blessings.
  • Today, I will live and do my work honestly.
  • Today, I will be kind to every living creature.

Reiki Has 3 Levels:

Level:1, Level: 2, Level: 3A and Level: 3B.

Benefits Of Reiki:

  • Reiki is a simple healing method.
  • Gives peace of mind, improves memory power and concentration.
  • Reiki can work in conjunction with homeopathy, Ayurveda.
  • Reiki balances at both physical and mental level
  • Reiki helps to balance the discomfort due to pressure.
  • Reiki helps accelerate healing post operation / accidents / disease.
  • Reiki helps to remove Toxin from body.
  • Reiki helps to come out of sadness, suffering and pain.
  • Reiki improves self-confidence and leaving sprit and removes fear of life, tension and worries.
  • Reiki helps in development of children, animals and plants.
  • Reiki helps in soul development.